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Jacob Johnsen


Jacob and Eva got married in Chicago in 6.jun 1908 (<https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/N7H2-12B>). In 1909, their son Anders Eugene, later on only Eugene Johnsen, is born in Norway, so Eva must at some point ave returned to Norway between June 6th 1908 and January 6th 1909, but I cannot find any records of her leaving USA or arriving Norway. I find Eva in the 1910 cencus in Norway, but not Jacob

21st of October 1910 I find Jacob Johnsen in a passenger list for departure to USA (<http://digitalarkivet.arkivverket.no/gen/vis/8/pe00000001118629> ). It states that his residence is America, he is married and works as a construction worker. However, in the Ellis Islands records I find him when he arrives but here his place of residence is said to be Kragert (Kragerø), in Norway. Jacob's brother Nils Johan had emigrated to USA earlier and owned a company; Nils J. Johnsen and company - erector of structural steel and iron, and this was probably where Jacob worked at this time. This company is said to have participated in construction of many known landmark buildings in Chicago.


I have spoken with Jacob`s grandnephew Theodore Nils Burtness, who lives in New York and he told me that Jacob, as he only knew as uncle Jack died at sea, assuming we spoke of the same jack/Jacob - which I believe we did.


February 17th 1911 their daughter Edith is born in Bamble, Norway, so Eva must have been in Norway at this point. For some reason Edith wasn`t baptized until July 28. 1913, but Edith`s parents doesn`t necessary have to be alive for her baptism.





Født: 9 Mar 1879 - Bakerovnen, Bamble, Telemark

Dåp: 12 Mar 1879 - Bamble, Telemark

Død: ?


Dødsårsak: Omkom på havet




Far: Augen Johnsen (1837-1906)

Mor: Anna Margrethe Nilsdatter (1836-1924)


Ektefeller og barn


1. *Eva Johansen (3 Sep 1889 - ?)

Ekteskap: 6 Jun 1908 - Chicago, Cook, Illinois


1. Anders Eugen Johnsen (1909-1945)

2. Edith Johnsen (1911-1994)